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  1. arkalybg

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    can i ask where did he say it can take up to 2 weeks to fix?
  2. arkalybg

    Login Broken

    so waiting on a fix
  3. arkalybg

    Login Broken

    The bot cant click existing user and when u click it for it, it wont type the password, just the username multiple times(loop?)
  4. arkalybg

    RS Login Screen Moving Side To Side

    same issue, hopefully admins are aware
  5. arkalybg

    Fatal Client Bug 5/25/17

    dont think it will b today
  6. yeah its fine now, any idea why hte prices the bot puts are so off? like 1.5k items are 700offers, 6hours after running the bot with 15 items 0 were bought cause the prices were bad
  7. did it just now, status: idling...:( ok did all of that, deleted hooks, restarted vps, restarted client atleast 20 times so far So my issue is: Loading data(stuck) idling(stuck) edit: left it like that for 6 hours, stuck at (debug: reloading..., reloading... and so on for each item)
  8. whats the banrate? anyone banned using it? is it important to use lg with this bot?
  9. i previously bought the script but it had some flaws, wanted toa sk is the script runnable if ur lvl 3 with all the tele, etc needed? also is it working on deadman