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  1. i previously bought the script but it had some flaws, wanted toa sk is the script runnable if ur lvl 3 with all the tele, etc needed? also is it working on deadman
  2. is the script fixed now so i can self host? edit: Nope, not fixed I dont wanna be rude but its been 2 days and its just an option to click accept when u self host, can we work on that?
  3. nice mate, hm did u invest on each acc to make that 9m per acc? p day what items mats/supplies/armor?
  4. any1 achieved 70+slayer from botting with this script?
  5. 90str dh at nmz demon no host i use my own glory warrior ring d boots and im getting like 65k an hr max why is fury etc that important??
  6. ya im just curious. like bandits chinning is 120-140k xp an hr so i figured nmz might be so so
  7. 85str 60-65k str xp an hr dh with absorbtions glory obisidian cape. Is that normal? what can i do to raise my xp/hr
  8. dont wanna ruin the fun but ull get banned on monday for sure