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Rip mining

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  1. Rip mining


    It says there is none. But i'm unsure i was using the bots perfectly earlier? i paid either the 6.50 or 8 dollar before. any idea? says (No days left) how many days does it last?
  2. Rip mining


    Hi, previously. i've paid for VIP but it says i'm not a VIP member. + Cant run more than one script at a time. Anyone help ?
  3. someone tell me why my tribot isnt working? scripted arent working at all just dont start.. it
  4. Where is the script lol, i cant find the download?
  5. Thanks Jazed. Appreciate it. how long you reckon it took from 43 to 53?
  6. Hi guys, i am currently 43 thieving, i'm hoping to achieve 53 for Desert Treasure any recommended GOOD thieving scripts, please? - many thanks.
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