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  1. Magician

    Private script

    @erickho123 will usually add support for your place too if ExShopper doesn't already. That's if he isn't busy.
  2. Magician

    Setting up the proxy (FIRST TIME)

  3. Magician

    Client Detectable

  4. Magician

    F2P Clay Miner

    Looks good, keep up the good work mate.
  5. Many of @Tri's scripts have been reported with lots of bugs or even not working all together. He should update his scripts more often, or just remove them from the repository because he's wasting peoples time and money.
  6. Magician

    [FREE] OCO's AIO Rooftop Agility

    Looks good, it's nice to see a free agility script! The community was lacking one of these
  7. Magician

    Accounts being Locked.

    Perhaps try creating an account with the same proxy, just not on that specific VPS. If the account still gets locked, you know it's not the VPS.
  8. Magician

    Accounts being Locked.

    Not particularly sure about Jagex tracking MAC addresses. I can only let you know about my experience with this certain problem. It could've been a multitude of reasons as to why my accounts kept getting locked on the VPS I was using, however, when I switched my VPS the problem was solved.
  9. Magician

    Accounts being Locked.

    I had this problem on a VPS, switched VPS and the problem was gone. I hope you're not botting on your pc because this would be a major inconvenience!
  10. Magician

    [ABCL10] daxMiner [M1D1/Bank/Mouse Keys]

    @daxmagex Thanks for making this awesome script! Here's a progress report: Would've been longer but I had to restart! Also, it would be pretty cool if it showed how many ores I was getting per hour and stuff
  11. Magician


    Your question is very unclear.
  12. Magician

    Toggle roofs

    Try logging into OSBuddy and changing it there. That might work, but the roof settings definitely do save locally as @Encoded said.
  13. @Usa I'm also experiencing this bug.