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  1. Glad to be Back

    Welcome back.
  2. Banned within 24 hours on weekend?

    Jagex could've banned you manually or it could've just been their detection systems.
  3. Private script

    @erickho123 will usually add support for your place too if ExShopper doesn't already. That's if he isn't busy.
  4. 83>99range 16 hours/day nightmare zone

    Good luck man
  5. Setting up the proxy (FIRST TIME)

  6. Very weird thing happen to me right now

    Sounds like you've been hacked?
  7. Client Detectable

  8. got banned on one my accs

    Your IP most likely isn't flagged because you got banned on one account.
  9. F2P Clay Miner

    Looks good, keep up the good work mate.
  10. Many of @Tri's scripts have been reported with lots of bugs or even not working all together. He should update his scripts more often, or just remove them from the repository because he's wasting peoples time and money.
  11. Little change in private script mass ban???

    Revert the script to it's original state? Or perhaps ask for a total rewrite of it with ABC2 features.
  12. Ban Review Thread Soon...

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for this as there's a few accounts I want to put in there!
  13. [FREE] OCO's AIO Rooftop Agility

    Looks good, it's nice to see a free agility script! The community was lacking one of these
  14. Who else is still awake

    My pet: