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  1. UPDATE: TreeGP are still completely unresponsive to me whenever I enter their live chat. It seems like they have no intentions of paying me.
  2. Back in June I sold some gp to TreeGP and today they charged back. I went into their livechat and asked them what it was about, they admitted to charging back and said it was an ex-employee that did it and they're not at fault. Although obviously they are since he worked and represented them. Anyway, they tell me to dispute it (which is a complete waste of time since pp buyer protection does not cover virtual goods) and if the dispute fails then they'll refund me. However, disputes can take up to 30 days and my PP balance is negative because of TreeGP and I can't access any of my funds because of this (I sold gp just after they charged back without knowing they had). I called PayPal customer service by phone and they said that my dispute will be decline as for reasons stated above. I went back into TreeGP livechat and they still refuse to pay me. Proof of charge back : Video of them admitting to charge back: Them ignoring my live chat messages: So after this I call PayPal to see whats up, they pretty much tell me that they're not going to refund me because buyer protection doesn't cover virtual goods. Then like 20 mins later they send me this email: I show this to TreeGP, still unresponsive and looking like they are going to refuse to pay me. gg.
  3. Jagex could've banned you manually or it could've just been their detection systems.
  4. @erickho123 will usually add support for your place too if ExShopper doesn't already. That's if he isn't busy.
  5. http://socks5proxies.net/tribot-setup
  6. Sounds like you've been hacked?
  7. Your IP most likely isn't flagged because you got banned on one account.
  8. Magician

    F2P Clay Miner

    Looks good, keep up the good work mate.
  9. Many of @Tri's scripts have been reported with lots of bugs or even not working all together. He should update his scripts more often, or just remove them from the repository because he's wasting peoples time and money.
  10. Revert the script to it's original state? Or perhaps ask for a total rewrite of it with ABC2 features.
  11. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for this as there's a few accounts I want to put in there!
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