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  1. yeah im not really sure. besides the default things to try idk. tribot always works for me unless the forums go down. good luck^^
  2. might wanna double check. it also just could be that you cant run tribot on uni computers due to some bs security they have in place
  3. dumb question, do you have java and is it up to date?
  4. then close tribot, completely delete the .tribot folder and re open tribot. you're missing a couple things
  5. yes, the hooks are in there. .tribot > settings > hooks.dat
  6. Make sure you have hidden files able to be shown on the pc. orrrr, click the start menu and type %appdata% and press enter then it should be right at the top^^
  7. No, they don't. Also for what it's worth, there's not even a support social media account that's active. There needs to be one. Google tribot support, do you see the discord? No. Instead of being a dick, how about you think of something positive that can help us all out.
  8. Discord is not social media, and tbh most of the normal botters here don't/won't use it. It would be much more acceptable to run a twitter. Doesn't take much.
  9. This^ nobody knew what was going on for 4 days. there needs to be some other site for news incase this happens again. like twitter.
  10. Any way to get the GUI to actually look normal? For me it looks like this: So I can't actually set equipment or anything. I'm on 1920x1080 res if that helps.
  11. When I do use this script I use LG
  12. this is correct, if your cpu is shitty or you lag too much, this will happen. I've never had it happen to me on my i7-6700k, but see people with inferior amd cpus have this issue all the time.
  13. Been watching this since the start. Will be interesting to see how this actually pans out.
  14. login bot works fine if you're comp isnt laggy. I don't ever have issues with it.
  15. I've noticed it sometimes clicks on a poll booth in edge bank, also if you have the quick pray when running away from a pker and it runs out of prayer, when it teles to Cwars to go through white portal it will go through the portal and then starts spamming quick prayers if your pray is at 0. Other than that it's pretty good.