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  1. stuck on withdrawing teleports for making barrel bomb. jsut withdraws air/law/water runes a few at a time over and over. on regicide obv step 11
  2. "fucking 0 rep" huh, looks like I have more rep than you after all. gg no re
  3. yeah, except that they don't do it. over my many years of botting I've probably had around ~350-400 accounts banned. I've never moved house/changed IP. Now, explain if they did IP flagging, why aren't all my personal accounts banned? I've never botted on them. How about the accounts I work on as services for other people? Not banned either, huh. Many other people are in the exact same situation. Jagex doesn't IP flag. If they did then every kid who takes their laptop to a starbucks/mcdonalds to play rs OR a college student who plays RS in their dorm, would all be instabanned if ips could get flagged. Next.
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