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  1. same problem here.. hope they will fix it soon
  2. good job... works fine
  3. Need credits for vip.. 8$ paypal or 1.5mOSGP/credit
  4. i'm waiting almost a day now and still no reply.. i think about to cancel the payment
  5. i paid @YoHoJo but he doesnt reply.....
  6. what is that? no
  7. i wanted to buy 6.5 credits but my order has been cancelled because it may be a fraud.. so i called my bank but they said there is no error from their side.. and i dont use a vpn/proxy whatever
  8. nice script. there is one thing that disturb me.. it walks always to the south east corner
  9. hi i want buy some credit but it says ''We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.'' i bought VIP today and it worked very well, but now i cant buy creditc, i dont know why.
  10. thx nice skript.. there is one point.. after taking the essences, it closes the bank window, open it again and run to the mage..
  11. nothing works