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  1. At fishing guild the bot will be stuck clicking through the banking interface to the fishing spot. Just repeatedly spam clicks and remains stuck. Changed the bank closing behavior to no success. Please fix
  2. I've been using this script for the last 2 months. I have to say, its had its ups and downs, but 99% of the time truly works beautiful. I've managed to get 70 attack/80 strength/ 70 defence from level 1 with ZERO bans or any other punishments. I bot rather safely, 5-6 hours a day with random breaks. Hopefully JJ can continue perfecting this script so its invincible.
  3. dunno if its just me, but script banks withdraws correct items then: [04:37:16] Cannot find Clue scroll (easy). then ends script When i dont have one, usually this doesnt happen and it will walk to trap door then continue Scratch that: Seems you have to have 20 of each tele tab for it to function...?
  4. Holy that was fast!!!! Amazed at your dedication with this! seriously top class customer service
  5. getting this on starting script. dunno what it is [04:17:35] Script Started: iClueSolver. [04:17:35] java.lang.NullPointerException [04:17:35] at scripts.clues.x.i(PlayerInfo.java:572) [04:17:35] at scripts.clues.Main.i(Main.java:81) [04:17:35] at scripts.clues.Main.getInitialState(Main.java:48) [04:17:35] at org.tribot.script.EnumScript.run(ii:197) [04:17:35] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [04:17:35] Script Ended: iClueSolver.
  6. Hey, Bought this and its pretty sweet! Would love to see buying the equiptment from GE implemented!!! Its a pain pre buying every item so this would help a heap imo
  7. Constantly running to barbarian fishing spot for some reason. Set center tile doesn't work, changing axes is running all the way from fally to barb fishing spot.....
  8. Xeyaix


    Gave it a go, banned 5 hours later =/ Oh well, IDK what next attempt shall be
  9. Bought this script and i have to say, thoroughly disappointed.... Banking is buggy with withdrawing food, constant "not found " errors on simple foods like tuna and lobster. Looting is slow and bad logic, runs from combat to loot, is slow and often leaves bones on the ground. Anti pk works well enough but the bot still dies extremely often. Deathwalking simply doesn't work, gets to lumby upstairs bank then stops. Just all round not worth my 8 bucks, would stick around waiting for updates but thread is full of empty requests and lack of updates. Refund would be appreciated I lie! Actually working fantastically these last hours! Only issue is world hopping to a deadman world which i hope can be fixed asap. Otherwise a fantastic script for the price and albeit slow looting is good!
  10. Xeyaix


    Hey all, I'm pretty new here and to botting in general and was wanting a bit of advice. I've purchased a few scripts but cant seem to make more then 1mil/day either through combat scripts with a 70/70/70 acc or runecrafting as i dont have lvl 44 yet. Something i've noticed is pretty much every script i've used will stuff up at some point and require manual assistance for example missclicking chaos alters, pathing retaredly or banking wrong. I just dont uderstand how to make decent money, aiming for roughly 5mil/day. If someone could help and maybe guide me to purchase a certain script etc i will appricate it heaps.
  11. Hey @ Just purchased this script, have to say its truly fantastic, very human like and responsive. Just a quick question, is there a option for the script to attack what monster has aggro/attacking your player rather then trying to attack some other monster. Noticed this happening at Chaos Druids where my character is getting hit by a druid but hes trying to attack another non aggro'd druid and just ends up standing there. Edit: Banking for Edgevile chaos druids doesn't work for me atleast. Runs south against the wall then attempts to click on the tunnel(?) leading out but cant move since there are 2 gates in the way Edited Edit: Whats the ETA on looting bag support?
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