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  1. As long as we get a dabbing squidward Emoji and a drooling retard Emoji, then i'm all aboard.
  2. Just bought it. I'm crafting Fires at the Fire altar using Ring of Dueling, and like clockwork, the bot will open the spellbook before running to the altar after using the Ring of Dueling to get to the duel arena. Is this something I should be worried about? It doesn't seem normal. Also while it has the spellbook open the output is spamming "Debug2". Cool script otherwise.
  3. No, I literally watched it stand in the bank for over 15 minutes, like I already said. That is an obvious break in functionality. The output was spamming 'sleeping for X' repeatedly during those 15 minutes, of random durations usually under 2 seconds. Sounds like your ABC2 usage got caught in a loop at the bank.
  4. ineu

    LG can't login????

    Yea, uh, no. it's not working at all. Still getting "ACCESS IS DENIED" and did everything I was told to about Java.policy file, still not fixed. It was literally fucking working yesterday
  5. ineu

    "No runescape client was found"

    Wow dude, BIG fuxking thank you for coming in here to say you fixed it but not explaining how. Gotta fucking love that
  6. After a couple runs it literally just stands in the bank and endlessly repeats an ABC2 sleep of different durations. I watched it do this for like 15 minutes straight... Lmfao. #ABC2 #Unbannable #ProLoopCoding Edit: Also it just keeps randomly quitting when it's trying to join a house (the host is online and actively hosting, I tripled-checked). This second bug isn't always able to be reproduced EDIT2: Was able to workaround this shit by completely disabling ABC2 in his script.. _WOW_, so basically only way to use this script is by guaranteeing yourself a ban. Cool dude.
  7. Just bought this and bolt enchanting still doesn't work with v4.3. can you fix it? I'm trying to do Diamond Bolt enchanting and it just endlessly clicks the enchant bolt icon in the magic tab
  8. i'm on j8 udk 131. no excuse for this as it's the latest version. unacceptable. doesnt EVNE FUCKING WORK WITH OSBUDDY. so fucking frustrating. refund my money immediately or fix it , you r choice.
  9. Trying multiple JDKs now and it isn't detecting anything even browser clients. Only browser client it did detect was IE but IE but the IE client stopped working as of 06/19/2017, so please fix Tribot LOOKING GLASS immediately or refund my money. thanks.
  10. not for me , so u need to be done posting here . thanks Rifscape.
  11. I am abandoning this project, it is mostly complete and can be used right now to build a healthy multi-threaded script, but future use-cases will determine the necessity of expanding this project. Feel free to use this in your scripts. https://bitbucket.org/RuneWare/actionframework This is a multi-threaded engine for running script Actions, only one action can be running at a time, but all Actions are asynchronous which means your script will always be responsive to the events your Actions are related to- this was the main inspiration for building such a framework but I found it to be a bit overkill. If you want to know how to use it take a look at how an Action is built (the incomplete BoostWare script) and then also look at how the engine is instantiated. Action Engine does most of the heavy lifting so all you'll need to do is write the Actions and loosely define the order of which should come first. https://bitbucket.org/RuneWare/boostware This is an incomplete Bursting/Chinning script for ApeAtoll that uses the ActionFramework. Now that MM2 has been released my script isn't really needed (which was meant to triangle-walk in AA dungeon), but I wrote a lot of Actions for Banking, Walking, Inventory, and other things. You can use this as a proof of concept of ActionFramework when using the Action Engine to build your own script. If you find anything bizarrely out of place in my code, or you found a more efficient way to do something within ActionFramework please comment and let me know! Although I don't plan on returning to this project I do still want to learn from it, so criticism appreciated. Also i've integrated AsyncCamera, which was built here by someone, directly into the ActionFramework as an independent Async Action. It will be executed with a positionable as a target whenever an Action is executed that has it's #willUseCamera(pos) method set. For example, Walking Action? Pass the tile to #willUseCamera and ActionEngine/AsyncCamera will handle the rest, it works quite nicely. Credit to the creators of the Task and Node frameworks, the Action interface is loosely based off of the methods provided in those frameworks within Nodes or Tasks. Thanks guys, Good luck with your scripts.
  12. A few good points here, but one thing I would like to add is that many of the trials offered are for such a short duration that in some cases you are cheated into believing the script is at least able to function until you purchase it and get an opportunity to run it for longer. Script disputes are useful but I think the only thing I could take out of my rants which would be a good addition to the current system would be monthly or quarterly reviews by Tribot staff. There are so many premium scripts at this point though that it isn't reasonable for just two people tackle all of the scripts with the different combination of parameters. It would be a massive undertaking.
  13. Scripts lose attention, deteriorate, and don't need to be reviewed or reviewed often enough because they've already had that initial approval. What i've personally had to deal with, and not from either you or Assume, is investing over an hour into communicating with the developer back and forth, providing more and more data, eventually identifying several bugs. At this point I turn into your Q/A guy. No one wants to do that, even though I'm happy to do a proper report and provide all the necessary data, being the first one to find multiple script-breaking bugs and then also being requested to do all the legwork in retrieving that data is when it becomes ridiculous. All that time could have been saved if the developer just ran it for longer than an hour.