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  1. Blackscreen for me 2, but using the .jar from runelite works.
  2. All it does for me is wanting to return to edgeville :') Serious though, whenever I run the script, it runs fine for about 20mins, then just proceeds to walk to the pillar and just teleports back to edgeville without doing anything.
  3. Tempted to buy it after trying the trial, works fantastic! Though I hope to see the release of trawlers/minnows soon.
  4. I actually forgot to post it awhile back, got it @ 62wc
  5. Not the safest route to take Also Black knight's fortress is still quite buggy so far, almost done half the quest manual. Biggest problem was trying to click ladders and not checking if the door b4 the ladder had to be opened.
  6. Back at it again, looks good man. Will give it a go!
  7. Do you currently keep track of the users runtime and/or experience gained, if so could you share these?
  8. [21:09:07] Break Handler: Break ended. [21:09:07] java.lang.NullPointerException [21:09:07] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.util.f.k.C(Antiban.java:213) [21:09:07] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.b.o.w.l(CutTree.java:137) [21:09:07] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.b.o.w.b(CutTree.java:55) [21:09:07] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.l(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:143) [21:09:07] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.run(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:80) [21:09:07] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [21:09:21] Script Ended: Einstein's Woodcutter. First exception I've encountered after a break. Just to let you know ?
  9. The script is extremely good. In my eyes this has surpassed any of the available woodcutters on Tribot. I am no gold farmer so, I haven't been able to utilize the script for that matter. But I can assure you it's worth every penny and it is a great addition to Tribot.
  10. Profits are likely based of OSBuddy exchange API https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/?id=21105
  11. Was testing it as well but got the same error [12:07:21] Downloading script 'USA Crafter'. [12:07:24] Script Started: USA Crafter. [12:07:30] java.lang.NullPointerException [12:07:30] at scripts.Crafter2.UsaCrafter.run(UsaCrafter.java:97) [12:07:30] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [12:07:30] Script Ended: USA Crafter. removed tribot folder from appdata didn't work either.
  12. Thanks, everything seems to be good again
  13. Thanks for the update, though LG still doesn't find any objects.
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