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  1. assume i have had ur script for long period of time now and ive been waiting for a few updates that i would like to see. do u have any input to put out on this thread to inform people u will be? i would like to see. sgs and other spec weapons added to special list. alching support witch would increase profits per hour and and longer camp times.. those r the two biggest things, yet quality updates u could add.
  2. some pointers, use the break handler to help increase chances of not getting banned
  3. yeah i logged in today 2 with 3 of my accs on tribot. i successfully logged in and immediately disconnected. Try to log back in afterwards I received your account has been disabled message.
  4. not sure , try opening TRibot do file File>View Local Scripts Folder... then go back words in the Directory and look for random_videos folder lemme know if this helps you.
  5. for those using post how it goes.
  6. lmao sitting their tyring to connect and not extended.,
  7. yeah i found like 20 gb lols
  8. Disabling Random_Videos Guide Many users may be unaware of this so I am here making this guide to show where to access and disable random_videos that may be taking up LOADS of extra space on your computer. First: Check you TRibot random_video Folder. Here you should find videos that are recorded when a random event occurs while your botting. Delete the unnecessary video files. Second: To Disable this feature start by going to "File" in the top left of TRibot. Third: Next, click "Settings" in the drop down menu. Fourth: A menu should appear with check boxes. "Un-check" the fourth check box. You have now successfully disabled the random_videos. This should save space on your hard disk. Note: These videos are useful to scriptwriters as they are intended for users to send them to be reviewed if you are stuck in a random. Thanks & EnjoyC0P
  9. this is awesome i cant wait ahha
  10. Hey

    welcome to the botting club
  11. i did the following. add encoded fisher file.. properties... doesn't work ill just wait for u to fix.
  12. ight bro so ur gonna fix ur self or i can ? but like other things i have seen is like i will be on the docks in fishing guild and liek just standing their doing nothing, it just might be caused by randoms.. theirs no way u can add random supports to ur own script?