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  1. assume i have had ur script for long period of time now and ive been waiting for a few updates that i would like to see. do u have any input to put out on this thread to inform people u will be? i would like to see. sgs and other spec weapons added to special list. alching support witch would increase profits per hour and and longer camp times.. those r the two biggest things, yet quality updates u could add.
  2. dont even matter jagex can see what ur using like if u use google chrome or mozilla, they can see u play off tribot client ur bound to get banned eventually.
  3. I would say ur cracked version got u hacked but unusual. Macs hardy get viruses
  4. restart ur client try that make sure ur logged into the same tribot acc u added it on
  5. some pointers, use the break handler to help increase chances of not getting banned
  6. only java