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  1. Sold 46m, everything went smooth and as expected from such a trustworthy user. Thanks!
  2. TRiLeZ is getting the passive income either way, so he probably doesn't even check forums on the regular
  3. When making bracelets and the script specifies how many to make sometimes it types the number too fast and you can see it in the chatbox. If you go to Edgeville in a busy world it becomes obvious whos botting because the script consistently types the numbers in the chatbox. Please fix it.
  4. I selected maple logs, 100%. Get this error when I do progressive and manually select it edit: only seems to have the problem when doing maple shortbows, longbows work fine.
  5. Having an issue with getting new tasks, as soon as the task finished it clicks the teleport to cammy but doesnt move after that. Just freezes. Slayer master is Vanaka
  6. So I have been away for a while and I come back to find there is no premium section? edit: lol my vip run out thats why my bad
  7. How will this be possible without a web walking system?
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