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  1. Is looking glass supported?
  2. Still having this problem. I messaged u on discord maybe you can teamviewer me and see it for yourself
  3. it doesnt cook karambwan for me, just uses it on the range and doesnt select how many to cook
  4. When making bracelets and the script specifies how many to make sometimes it types the number too fast and you can see it in the chatbox. If you go to Edgeville in a busy world it becomes obvious whos botting because the script consistently types the numbers in the chatbox. Please fix it.
  5. What do you mean at some point? How long do you want us to wait?
  6. I selected maple logs, 100%. Get this error when I do progressive and manually select it edit: only seems to have the problem when doing maple shortbows, longbows work fine.
  7. Its not detecting maple logs in the bank, takes out normal logs instead....
  8. How do I add the script?When I go to the overview page on the repository I can see the CombatAIO under active subscriptions but not under active scripts... What does this mean?
  9. Hi, the bot is said to be active on the repository but I cannot see it when trying to start a script on client. I was told my Assume he cannot do anything and that I needed to contact support. Picture of it showing as active on repository No combat script category as you can see
  10. Having an issue with getting new tasks, as soon as the task finished it clicks the teleport to cammy but doesnt move after that. Just freezes. Slayer master is Vanaka
  11. it took the bot like an 2 hours to do crocodiles :/