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  1. how what am i doing wrong than? i have everything setup good and still it misclicks pray tolate. and don't know al the faces. also it runs true the venom. am i the only one that has this? i keep dieing
  2. hey the bot is clicking the wrong prayers al the time
  3. got banned both my accs in 2 days.... 8 hours aday with breaks every 2 hours and i use dif proxies
  4. hey the bot is clicking 2 times on bones and birth to drop it when its already dropped it clicks agian. am i the only one with this problem?
  5. axeonurknees

    acount not logging in agian after lagg

    hey guys i have a problem i just bought green drags from usa 2 days ago. but because all of the lags in runescape my account logs out a lot of times and than it try's to login agian and runescape says: 'ur already logged in try agian in 60 seconds' after this the bot dont try's to login agian. hope that some one can help me cuz now i m botting for like 1-2hours before it logs out.... (sorry for my bad english) thanks already
  6. axeonurknees

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    hey i just bought your script but i cant start it. and idk what im doing wrong when i start it says scrip ended. can u please help its my first time botting tribot and wanne make the most out of the 14days. @usa thanks already