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  1. make it $1000 and @Mute will probably do it. Please gift him a trip to europe.
  2. Butta

    Hello, have a nice day rabbit !

  3. thanks for this life changing script jamie, "Thanks TRiBot" thread coming soon!
  4. selling xrp 10cents

  5. time to start my Quester-Shop with @Mute
  6. @Arctic dw sunshine, i'll make up for you soon. Kaii will sleep on the floor.
  7. Butta

    tau grand exchange bot!?

  8. thank you for this life changing gold farming script. Best scripter by far.
  9. Butta

    Confused by break handler

  10. script should be fixed since last night, any comments?
  11. I did post , but not on this thread, my bad i guess. @TacoManStan has posted on the script dispute that he will fix it. I also messaged him few hours ago !
  12. very good scripter, overpriced, but worth it! quality has its price they say...
  13. messaged tacomanstan about the issue (not writing offer name) let me know if there are more critical issues.
  14. Butta

    Wana-Be Java scripter (need some advice)

    go through approved scripter applications and try to understand their submitted source codes