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  1. @Duhstin could you add Varrock East bank/ west ?
  2. @daxmagex Is it possible to make a script like "Master Walker AIO" with your walker premium/private script? I would happily pay for it
  3. i stopped reading there. But contact @Mute for private requests. Good luck
  4. it also looks suspicious if you run it for 24hours. Doesn't make sense to me
  5. maybe... add me on skype
  6. you want a script for rs3 but no client supports it..? that's like trying to take a shower without water. Good luck mate!
  7. tribot doesn't support rs3 ... not sure what you are trying but i'd contact @Mute for any priv script's
  8. follow this guide:
  9. you will need to find your own ways...
  10. true , failed at reading
  11. account sales are not allowed on TRiBot. You will need to find a different platform for account transactions
  12. use @daxmagex 's webwalker