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    I make dat super swaggy ge f x, for dat rsgepe
  1. From my experience on merching by hand you would be better off with one account with a 20m stack rather than spreading 10m too 2 accs, just a fyi
  2. Thanks man
  3. -I would like to hiy 25m gee peez a day I have 22m in game starting cash6 bonded accs, played on and aged2 copies of sigma merch1 copy of ftw aio fisherTime20 dollars irl starting cashI understand that specifics cannot be given out just wondering some general ideas Edit-Im fully aware that I used the wrong version of where in the title, Im a dumbass
  4. Hopefully I can milk that fucker before they do
  5. 1 Account could bring me about 10m a day, I was hoping they could last a while, do you think they could?
  6. Im just going to keep afk training them, just hoping that I can surive atleast a couple days at zulrah with breaks and only like 7 hours a day
  7. Hey guys, So im currently working on "Hand Training" 4 accs for Worthys Zulrah bot, now right now there just splashing magic which is no work but to get 70+ combat stats and 85 range, might take a while, even just to get the acc to NMZ stats. I was wondering if hand training the accounts decreases the chance of a ban when I do start the 4 acc zulrah farm. If there is no difference I might as well bot them, rather than using slow exp/h afk methods, JW Thanks-Penguin
  8. If you cant risk being banned please don't bot
  9. You can go to Sythe to buy accs mate
  10. This kid is dumb, worthy is an amazing scripter lmao
  11. Very interested was wondering what banrated are like I was interestedin running 6 accs @ 6hours a day and twice a week suicide running 4 accs as long as possible, think they could last like 15 hours?
  12. Never considered that, AFK nmz would be my method to levling the accs
  13. You do understand if he makes it too accessible to the public the price of drops will plummit, Hell 300 dollars a month for unlimited auths is reasonable you can make over 40m on 5 accounts, thats what 80 dollars a day? Only a few people can afford it so prices stay consistant and the script pays for itself Edit: Have fun with that 10m a day while people who are willing to pay the right price can make 50m a day on a few accounts
  14. How many items in a list would you reccomend, currently working with maybe 35 decent buys but after buy limits hit really nothing to do, shoulf i bump it up to a lot more maybe in the 150-250 range that way there is always another item to do? Just wondering anyones oppinion on this subject