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  1. @Naton sometimes when you are going to withdraw something , it just spans clicking withdraw x option. In a loop , i`ve noticed that this usually happens when withdrawning coins / stamina pots
  2. when restocking the ores , it just opens the ge , click buy and stand still doing nothing , sometimes it close , click buy and stuck again
  3. @Naton the bug of the coffer, described early, is happening sometimes with me 2. Can you take a look? Also, when i was babysitting my bots i saw some doing nothing for a small period of time, or hovering the item that it should be withdrawed is this normal?
  4. or idk , have a sugestion here : make the bot try to insta sell / insta buy the ores. In cases that it doesnt sell/buy , just go down/up in prices till sell. When buying , bot will hardhit the ore , buying till the limit. If it doesnt buy all the offer , it just cancels the offer and go to bf to work that amount of gold.
  5. can you change the bot sale value for the bars? when restocking sometimes the price is less then the actual selling price , making the bot to wait to sell ALL the bars
  6. you should make a limit on buying ore based on ge 4 hr limit. if you have sufficient cash itll try to restock with a lot of ores thus causing a stuck
  7. Soo how to start a new acc with this script? Because thats what i`m doing
  8. Oh also , there`s some problems with doors , like the one in sheep shearer
  9. Cache bank fix : have nothing buying on ge. Also theres a bug in restless ghost , in the final part , it keeps opening / closing the coffin. If you are low level , you should bring more supplies to do combat related quests , 5 lobsters usually ends up in you being killed. Buy more runes for vampire slayer , some accs have bad lucky and end dying. Also , patching throught varrocks wizards its suicidal asf , this happens often in romeu & juliet. Make the bot banking both inv/worn itens after a quest is done , then picking up the required itens, sometimes it happens you to walk with another quest itens that give negative impact on others quests. Like going with the black knight fortress armour set to fight the vampire or leaving the ge with your cash stack after buying itens. Theres some struggle when equipping and selecting the spell for the vampire fight , sometimes it loops equiping and unequiping the itens. Also , i`m struggling to make a account to survive after the quest is done. Usually they`re banned in the next day , only using that script.
  10. I bought it and black knight fortress got a stuck inside the fortress , when buying a item in ge it spelled it three times and got stuck , when withdrawing itens for knight sword it just loops opening and closing banks , plz help
  11. if i do correctly and use only premium scripts + good proxies aint i gonna last till like maybe 1 month doing this? (per account)
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