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  1. Can you please fix the god damn bot, I just deactivated and repurchased to see if that would fix. why isn't anyone responding. also the blast furnace bot is fucked, and I purchased the other prayer bot X PRAYER to try and stay on schedule and that one doesn't even work fuck help me out here
  2. the menu box to the right


  3. yes, I believe so. when you start the script on the bot another small little menu shows up, small square page, that allows you to adjust the bot to what your botting. I'm botting prayer, the menu to pick bones, and location and party house name for prayer alter for bot is to small. I cant click any options and I cant click to start my bot,
  4. when I open the script to set up the box is to small to choose my options to set the bot and start it I cant enlarge it wont let me so I cant click start bot to run???? can you please fix the issue
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