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  1. Hello, I am pretty new in scripting and for my second script I decided to make a Grand Exchange price checker. How do I tell my script to write something to text file?
  2. is it possible to start this script with a command in a script queue?
  3. I use this script too. Could you add a feature to start already made script with command line?
  4. Is it possible to start my already made script with command line? If not could you add this feature? still waiting for answer
  5. Request: - simple G.E. scriptDescription: - open G.E. ,collect finished offers, abort pending offers, make new offers. (Items, prices, amounts, sell/buy should be customizable ) Payment Amount: - pm meTime: - not in a hurryAdditional: - should have command lines
  6. @Usa will script be ever updated?
  7. Nice script. Could you add a function to abort all offers before starting because sometimes it says there are no more available slots? And also an option to buy maximum amount for money i have? Thanks
  8. Hi @TacoManStan I have an idea for my script, but i can't find a way how to use grand exchange. Is g.e. interface coming with the next update or maybe there is some other way to use g.e.? I just need that the script would set up offers with my own fixed prices, nothing more. Thanks
  9. nope
  10. boomXmouse_data-270224-1449247341594.dat
  11. Xmouse_data-270224-1446738082338.dat
  12. Request: - i need a simple private script, pm me and we will talk about it Description: - login to account, do "something", logout, login to next account and so on Payment Amount: - can be discussed Time: - Additional: - pm me Still waiting for someone to do this
  13. i saw two of my bots failing at offering dragon bones. In ge they press buy, write dragon bones and do nothing after about 10sec they delete what they have writen and write dragon bones again and this circle repeats.