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  1. lol i've botted for 35minute and my account is already disabled ?
  2. I found.... client was on fullscreen lol.... sorry about that , but not everytime i start the bot there a screen popin (firewall) and it ask me to allow something but it happen everytime, how can i fix it ?
  3. it dont even try to login.... just nothing happen
  4. it say : login ...... and i wait for ever but nothing happen lol !
  5. yeah i added my account to the account manager , and i went to the account manager to the bottom right , but wont login after that.... maybe i bought an out dated bot its the autofisher pro.... maybe someone can tell me why ? i also bought the green dragon killer but wont login itself too.... so thats probably not the script ..
  6. yes , i did , when i login by my self the bot work correctly but it wont login itself ?
  7. Hey , i downloader tribot , i bought premium Vip , i bough an autofisher , but when i start the script .... it stop at login... and when it work the script is not working properlly ? any tips ? im so confused , i feel like i just water 38$ lol thanks for helps guys !