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young daddy

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  1. what script were u using?
  2. has anyone gotten to 99 craft only spinning flax??
  3. trying to get all levels on main high enough do complete all quests! also I am having trouble figuring out how to get looking glass to work, if anyone is willing to hlp, plz pm me. thanks!
  4. about time, that shit was annoying
  5. jack3d pre ban version
  6. needing a price for 70/70/70 pm me plz
  7. had to babysit it a lot, it randomly stopped sometimes after 2 min or a little after an hour, but It did finally get me to 99 a few days ago. thanks!
  8. idk ive autoclicked for 4 days straight before and nothing happened
  9. 2 of my accounts were banned..