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  1. Draynor normal trees broke with today's update. All of my accounts stalled north of the fence surrounding the jail when I left for class today. Just sat there without moving for three hours. One click towards Lumbridge gets the bots moving again. Definite ban incoming, but to be expected suiciding bots anyway so whatever. Thanks for the great script. It's been working nicely other than today.
  2. ajcreary

    [P] A Magic Script

    Request: A basic bot with antiban features using magic and banking. Description: Private, please get in contact to discuss. If you're a scripter, it should not be a difficult script to create. Payment Amount: Whatever you deem reasonable; negotiable. Time: At your convenience. Additional: Please send me a message here or post below so we can chat on Skype or Discord!
  3. This script is incredible. I died to Zulrah ~100 times and only had 2 kc. After dying about 25 times with this script, I got it down, and I only die when I make a stupid mistake. I'm going about 15 kills per death now, with a Zulrah kc of 50. Thanks for the awesome script! Great to know that it won't get me banned as well! Edit: Should also mention my stats: 80 range, 76 magic, and 96/97/96 with 97hp. It's doable if you're an NMZ prod. According to my proggie, I've made about 11M so far in two days-- which costs about $15 on a goldselling site. Well worth the money.