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  1. inboxed you a bug with the wilderness agility course
  2. this scripts ban rate is incredibly high now.. be careful! sad though, i liked this script!
  3. i usually get banned every 2-3 days, its pretty bot like but yeah if you don't care about accounts then its fine
  4. very buggy atm, think you need an update @Usa spam clicks pestle mortar, spam clicks certain dd's, gets stuck in random locations (just outside the gate at rdg, lumby stairs etc.) walks north of edge in a loop before banking (looks very botlike), doesn't recognize friends on friends list, takes like 5 seconds to loot the 3 items (like 3 auto attacks from the dragon, usually means you die), often fails to withdraw runes and shuts off, can't refresh equipment, and so on.. feel free to inbox me or something for all the specifics if you care, i made a notepad of the errors i tested on my other computer
  5. I don't think so. Not for me anyways. It runs all the way to the air charger and then teleports before charging and repeats. Try the trial though, might work for you.
  6. Not gonna lie.. extremely disappointed with this lol think i've died 10x in 1 hour from the bot just walking into it and suiciding... and then it logs out and leaves the loot up there and starts over on a new world and does the same thing. And then when you world hop it stops working while trying to select the world. Not entirely sure what I just paid $30 for lol
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