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  1. okay, can provide if needed
  2. Will pay 100k for every 07 acc created, can be botted or hand done through tutorial island waiting at grand exchange. Minimum: 10 accounts
  3. can do for 5m you have to supply the gear and let me know stats.
  4. Looking for IRC bot makers. If you have experience please post below or add me on skype. Thanks
  5. Low Morals?? this is a botting community we have no morals Kappa
  6. +1 essential script need this
  7. 100% support for this, would be awesome for this to come to life. Although I do wish they released DMM a few months after DarkScape so it would be easier for us botters to focus on one mode at a time.
  8. I need a advertising script that stops adverting when a player mod is nearby (I can give you the list of moderators it would detect for in the surrounding area).
  9. damn nice bro
  10. Still need help
  11. Hey, title says it all... I was able to install gnome on my linux vps however when trying to install the VNC I'm not able save the edit to the username "root". (I'm not sure how to save the file after done editing). If someone could please help me out or just install my VPS for me I am willing to pay!
  12. Hey, any chance you can update the script to when the bot isnt on the right world it uses the world switcher instead of it logging out and back in again? Thanks.
  13. Would this have anything to do with the random.dat file?
  14. Ok thanks!