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  1. What is the ban on this script ? people having great experience ??
  2. gabrielbilodeau1

    Looking for 'Mentor'

  3. gabrielbilodeau1

    What's the best script for wine grabbing?

    Liam script is pretty good , https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1815-liam-s-wine-grabber/ Flawless with abc2
  4. when my bot going to Black chins with Games necklace to Corp beast . Once its out of the caverne it spam click the Games necklace , i have to fix it myself do i do something wrong ? it try to teleport again to corp once its out of caverne Also the bot dosnt hop world when a pker come , he attack me my bot just ignore him and keep farming and eat the lobster till he have none and then start running and die.
  5. gabrielbilodeau1

    Shop Buyer Request

    There is already a script "exshopper" for this work flawless
  6. gabrielbilodeau1

    RS3 Bot Wont Load

    This is not a rs3 client sorry
  7. gabrielbilodeau1

    Paypal option

    You can still buy credit as a verified paypal
  8. gabrielbilodeau1

    Accounts being Locked.

    I have this problem too 80% of the time -.-
  9. gabrielbilodeau1

    [Premium Request] - White Berries -

    I think that king of script should stay private since a premium script would just shut them down at 400gp each
  10. gabrielbilodeau1

    Hacked from using this website

    You had monkfish on your acc i guess? kappa
  11. gabrielbilodeau1

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    @Yuhan is it with a really old acc/high stats or an acc created just for that
  12. gabrielbilodeau1

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    @hidden you were running 20hour a day without a ban??
  13. Script flawless until i get to yew , Spam Chop/check and when a yew appears change to chop but dosnt move .
  14. gabrielbilodeau1

    What should I run?

    No one will ever tell you his method . Sorry about this .