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  1. @xcendrox please add me on skype: c#2bot
  2. Hi thanks for responding @laniax, even with the allotari annotations, its still giving me an error: when i dont use the code below locally i get the same error, so i guess on the repo this method is not being called. loader.setClassLoader(this.getClass().getClassLoader());
  3. Good day, I am trying to get a javafx gui to work on the repo, but failing, although it works perfectly fine when i am running locally. i came to understand the repo doesnt allow access to getclass loader, is there anything around this, i have used @laniax api as an example to create mine. Application class: Controller Class: AbstractGUIController class Calling the method in my script class
  4. Good day guys, I am working on a big free open sourced script that will provide the ultimate automating solution for woodcutting. The script will literally be able to perform any woodcutting task you wish for. I currently finished progressive leveling, settings saving/ loading and a bit of custom chopping. this is the development thread for the script here whoever wishes to help, testing will only cost you the value of the axes, if you would like to add me on skype : C#2bot
  5. Hello, i will point out a few things i have noticed in your application, however i will leave the voting to the fellow senior ranks as i am a fresh scripter. - You have cached the interface, however did not null check it before your operation here: https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Cook.java#L65 - You did not cache nor null check the gameuptext as it can return null here: https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Cook.java#L87 - Sometimes you check if clicking is successful sometimes not as shown here: https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Cook.java#L60 - What if two objects with similar ids are in the same distance? https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Cook.java#L37 - It is very difficult to trace whats happening in this method because its huge: https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Cook.java#L36 - Why are you only opening the bank without checking if the bank screen is open? https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Bank.java#L30 - This check is what triggers this task in your validate method, why are you repeating the check here? https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autocooker/tasks/Bank.java#L35 - Do you really need a task class to execute this method? https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autoplanker/tasks/Walk.java#L27 - Inventory.find() method in api exists, this isnt needed: https://github.com/razahamza/tribot/blob/master/autosandcrabs/Methods.java#L16 All in all, small mistakes but are repeated a lot on your scripts, i am sure you can fix them, familiarize yourself with the api, clean up your code, i dont think your application is bad, but work on those points and i wish you all the best, good luck!
  6. Check if you are not ingame, not in welcome screen, not in login screen, and a certain point got a certain color, then you are in the change world screen?
  7. As @Encoded said, the message listening interface requires a class extending Script class, in the server message listening method, just check if the message contains or equals what you want to check for, its fairly simple really, and btw maybe you can check if not being able to home tele or being able to is a game setting.
  8. Use pathfinding.canReach to check if the tile is walkable, if not write a method to handle the obstacle, which is a door in your case, once the door is opened, generate a randomized straight path to the lectern tile or blind walk to it, and yes webwalking wont work in instances areas in the game.
  9. Not sure if there is an api method or not havent browsed the trading class, however you can simple check the text im the interface to be equal to your character, im afk atm otherwise i would have written an example
  10. Your going to have to paste some of the code here so we can know what exactly going on , also all the api methods are booleans hence you can check if you successfully click an entity or not
  11. Havent received the request :/
  12. @King Khurrami believe because its depricated, you should use this instead private static final ABCUtil abc;
  13. @Turilli hi there, there are many websites that collect leaked databases from other services, you email and password and potentially your username could have been there, and someone did a small search on you and found a few previously used password that you are accustomed to, it happens, i would suggest to not have the same passwords on all of your credentials, and change it frequently to avoid loss, i am really sorry for your loss, but trust me it is not someone from tribot staff who will do something like this but i understand your concerns. Gl in your botting.
  14. as far as i can see, Usa script works fine .