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  1. Okay thank you, I wanted to create and save multiple areas and go through them progressively. It seems as though I will just need to manually move my character when the desired level is reached which is no problem. I also wanted to inquire about banking if im in a somewhat remote area it will just walk to the nearest bank and then come back correct? edit: also i tested this script on 3 accounts, all unique ips on aws ec2 instances the first two accounts I trained at varrock west in with banking on. All this on f2p and in under 2 hours banned. On the third account which is running very well I had to go to much less populated areas and make use of the custom area feature with dropping logs turned on. I think training in varrock is asking to get banned just for anyone who plans on using this script and its especially asking for it if you are on f2p. I wanted to try and see if i could make it through on f2p before purchasing members or a bond. As of RN everything running great with the custom tile feature GJ @Einstein
  2. Planning on trying this soon, just a few levels away from blowpipe then will try to get some nice proggies.
  3. It went to that guy forget his name at the docs you use to get to sand crabs. It traveled and got on the boat somehow then I caught it at port sarim.
  4. Maybe I do not understand this script completely, but I have two issues. I turn on world hopping when I get crashed but if I get crashed it uses my glory and teles to edgeville. Just now it randomly walked to the docs and left sand crabs have no idea where it was heading just sketchy have to babysit it. Maybe you can provide your exact settings so we can see how you are getting these long proggies.
  5. At the very least take a 20 min break every 2 hours. The more the better, the thing is you are in it for the long run so do not worry if the exp rates are small overtime its going to compound and you will see results.
  6. Got full Angler with ease using the fishing trawler setting. If you get kicked from the boat use fast reaction times and set your minimum activity level to 70+.
  7. Ernest the chicken not working. After talking to ernest it calculated the distance to lumbridge then took me their.
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