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  1. Probably had more to do with running for 50 hours straight lol.
  2. Though I have already had much success with this script, I've noticed I lose too many rope+nets when it logs out for breaks, and then the script eventually stops due to insufficient traps. Any way I could improve this?
  3. Considering you need to be in zanaris to get to even get into Puro Puro, yes.
  4. Oh I see, I guess I don't need to set them to anything when doing net traps and the like? Also, how safe is it at red & black sallys? I want to eventually run this to 99 hunt on my ironman, but I don't care about chins so I was just going to do salamanders to fly under the radar a bit more, so to speak.
  5. I usually use 95 mouse speed for my scripts. Where along the mouse speed slider would 95 be? Also, I must be retarded bc I can't figure out what the tiles setting does. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. I'm using the custom mode to pickpocket Guards in the HAM storeroom, and when I start the script it runs for a few seconds and then stops. Here's the text:
  7. Stove

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    After using the trail, I noticed that the script always moves to the same tile after completing a lap of the Al Kharid course. Seems to be pretty predictable. Are there any plans to change/update this?
  8. Stove

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    Right, I figured that out after restarting the script and watching the timing; I didn't know it purposefully waited. Here's the second prog from today, going really well so far: First prog was just over 6 hours and my total hourly ticket rate was just under 4/hr. You're doing a great service here, mate. EDIT: I've noticed it has a problem hopping worlds. If I'm not in the CWars world, it'll hit the world select button at login, click the world, and then loop. Have you encountered this before? Logging into the cwars world yourself circumvents it though, obv.
  9. Stove

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    The script sits in the respawn room until the timer kicks you out of the game. Is this intended, or is something going wrong?
  10. Stove

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    Looking forward to giving this script a go tomorrow. :-)
  11. Set your autocast before you start the script. I did fire wave on my zerk to 94 mage, I was getting around 75k exp an hour, and using around 1200 casts (bloods) an hour. It's expensive, deaths have crashed so they might be more viable now. Bolt with gauntlets isn't bad either, but slower.
  12. Stove

    TRiBot Release 9.305_4

    Great work @TRiLeZ keep it up my dude :]