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Kobe T

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  1. Use this script if u want to be banned lol.
  2. how much you want for it ???
  3. once started do not touch nd shes flawless boyyy love the script.
  4. Hope this is fixed will try now...
  5. how do i fex when ive always deny the dice.-rs script thinking it was bad?
  6. this happened to me, just use the mrs laptop now, sorry let me know if you figure it out gl
  7. will be using or future reference.
  8. nope they took everything, 6k tuna, 2k anch pizzas, 1k lobbys 2k swordies and left me with the monks only... probably was the cunt your thinking off.
  9. using rellaki crabs script but was logged into a members world at cammy, then when i next logged on an hour or so later, hes standing at the g.e with nothing fuck,
  10. agrreed, had a mining account get bad easy, f2p is packed with bots and makes things hard, have to gp p2p but who wants to pay for a lvl3 bo? .lol
  11. Your password will be given in clear day, tribot will get hacked or an untrustworthy staff member will hack you to their advantage, ive lost 100mil today because of this, read about it a few times here but never thought it would happpen to me.. fuck! youve been warned!.
  12. Sooo tribot... youve hacked my account, youve collected my accounts passwords from the account handler and taken everything of vaule... lost 100mil sooo tribot please explain how this wasnt you and who else it could of been. note: nothing or nobody has been notified of my passwords or even come close too telling anyone myself. if this has happened to you, what would you do? Note : Im one fucked off maori.
  13. Am using this script with a fresh account, free at the moment if it works out well im sure to buy.. if.