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  1. @Naton the script bugs out and stops working if it gets disconnected from the login servers
  2. @Naton how do the %'s work on the profit margin requirement under pricing in advanced preferences? would say .2 be the equivalent to 20% ; so .2 on a 2,000,000 item would mean that the item needs a minimum 400,000 profit for it be flipped?
  3. fixed itself after like 2days, but now its not working again... so odd lol
  4. update: it works now. changed nothing, just randomly works now. so odd lol
  5. idk this is weird, never had this problem before lol
  6. Ive done that. it says it on here, but when i click my view profile it just says registered. plus when i try to use tribot with a proxy it says service unavailable
  7. basically the title. I paid for vip-e yesterday and it says i dont have vip-e.
  8. just saw this thread on reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3l8ihc/how_to_confuse_green_dragon_bots/ im not sure if it applys to this script or not, thought i'd post it though.
  9. in this death I had 25prayer, with quick prayer enabled but i still lost everything, the other time i died however i kept my whip thanks to the quick prayer. other than this, the script has been amazing and I cant wait for the update
  10. bot died and lost whip, must have been skulled. only 2nd time this has happened, other time being a month ago. Seems to be a problem with people getting skulled today?
  11. I like the idea of eating the bass that drops if you have room in your inv.
  12. bot switched to a f2p world and sat there trying to glory tele. it right clicks the glory, then turns on quick pray, and it keeps repeating this. edit: it did it again, this time to world 316
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