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  1. gets stuck on "click here to play" when using the auto trader setup https://gyazo.com/a192aa698e1b01cfe9dbf497e1c7b22a
  2. just saw this thread on reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3l8ihc/how_to_confuse_green_dragon_bots/ im not sure if it applys to this script or not, thought i'd post it though.
  3. in this death I had 25prayer, with quick prayer enabled but i still lost everything, the other time i died however i kept my whip thanks to the quick prayer. other than this, the script has been amazing and I cant wait for the update
  4. bot died and lost whip, must have been skulled. only 2nd time this has happened, other time being a month ago. Seems to be a problem with people getting skulled today?
  5. I like the idea of eating the bass that drops if you have room in your inv.
  6. bot switched to a f2p world and sat there trying to glory tele. it right clicks the glory, then turns on quick pray, and it keeps repeating this. edit: it did it again, this time to world 316
  7. issue with purchasing credits

    im having troubles purchasing credits with paypal. everytime i try to buy credits it keeps getting refunded instantly. I have purchased credits in the past before so its kind of weird that its happening right now.
  8. i didnt bot at all on thursday due to the issues, I did however bot over the weekend.
  9. it miss clicked once for me, but it toggled prayer so i saved my whip. its only happened once though and i've been using this for maybe 2weeks now?
  10. those post say they are from yesterday which is why i asked.. no need to be a dick
  11. found it stuck trying to click this spot (unclickable i guess). I was originally standing at or near the glory spot, I had moved the character to see if it would click a new spot but it didnt.
  12. this happens to me often. sometimes it fixes itself out after 5~10minutes, other times it doesnt
  13. went afk for a few hrs, came back and script was crashed. had this in the debug [22:21:25] java.lang.NullPointerException[22:21:25] at scripts.UsaDragonKiller.f(UsaDragonKiller.java:1940)[22:21:25] at scripts.UsaDragonKiller.J(UsaDragonKiller.java:1876)[22:21:25] at scripts.UsaDragonKiller.f(UsaDragonKiller.java:1798)[22:21:25] at scripts.UsaDragonKiller.G(UsaDragonKiller.java:395)[22:21:25] at scripts.UsaDragonKiller.run(UsaDragonKiller.java:316)[22:21:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[22:21:45] ------------------------------[22:21:45] Total time: 11:38:48[22:21:45] We collected a total of...[22:21:45] 730 Dragon bones[22:21:45] 729 Green dragonhide[22:21:45] Our total profit was: 3,461,812[22:21:45] Thank you for using USA Dragon Fighter v4.8[22:21:45] ------------------------------[22:21:48] Script Ended: USA Dragon Killer.