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  1. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    fixed itself after like 2days, but now its not working again... so odd lol
  2. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    update: it works now. changed nothing, just randomly works now. so odd lol
  3. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    still gettting "service unavailable" =[
  4. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    idk this is weird, never had this problem before lol
  5. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    Ive done that. it says it on here, but when i click my view profile it just says registered. plus when i try to use tribot with a proxy it says service unavailable
  6. bought vip-e, says I dont have it

    basically the title. I paid for vip-e yesterday and it says i dont have vip-e.
  7. gets stuck on "click here to play" when using the auto trader setup https://gyazo.com/a192aa698e1b01cfe9dbf497e1c7b22a
  8. just saw this thread on reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3l8ihc/how_to_confuse_green_dragon_bots/ im not sure if it applys to this script or not, thought i'd post it though.
  9. in this death I had 25prayer, with quick prayer enabled but i still lost everything, the other time i died however i kept my whip thanks to the quick prayer. other than this, the script has been amazing and I cant wait for the update
  10. bot died and lost whip, must have been skulled. only 2nd time this has happened, other time being a month ago. Seems to be a problem with people getting skulled today?
  11. I like the idea of eating the bass that drops if you have room in your inv.
  12. bot switched to a f2p world and sat there trying to glory tele. it right clicks the glory, then turns on quick pray, and it keeps repeating this. edit: it did it again, this time to world 316
  13. issue with purchasing credits

    im having troubles purchasing credits with paypal. everytime i try to buy credits it keeps getting refunded instantly. I have purchased credits in the past before so its kind of weird that its happening right now.
  14. i didnt bot at all on thursday due to the issues, I did however bot over the weekend.