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  1. Please contact the proxy provider or test the proxy here: http://www.checker.freeproxy.ru/checker/
  2. Don't help @Sythe his database was released
  3. Are you using a proxy?
  4. Contact the scripter...
  5. You don't want a VPN, you want a SOCKS5 proxy. You pay per proxy, something like $3. @YoHoJo @Montreal are resellers here.
  6. @Usa
  7. So assuming you're not covering up a scam attempt. IF POSSIBLE: Power off the affected machine. This stops remote access. Use another machine to create a new Gmail with 2-FA security using a brand new password, I recommend LastPass for this purpose. Secure your other email accounts, billing accounts and secondary email accounts using this newly created email account. I also highly recommend thoroughly checking your mesage history, including trash folders for indication of communication / scamming using your account. Do the same for your Skype account, and for goodness sake, run a Windows Defender & Malwarebytes scan on your computer before enabling that device to WiFi again.
  8. CloudFlare doesn't start issues, it resolves them. But that's not the point here.
  9. What would the recommended settings for 70-99 Hunter with this script? Falconry? Red chinchompa hunting area? Any advice welcomed. Will post progress throughout.
  10. @fatdoobie2 @Germs Do you guy think chinning in the private red chinchompa hunting ground on a balanced account is less likely to receive a ban? Especially on a "main" with 246 QP and many 99's, or is it not worth it? Or should I just stick to falconry? I might just do mining at MLM but that also has its risks and rewards. Additional: What Hunter scripts do you guys use? Thoughts?
  11. It's a common occurrence when sending PMs for me. This one just so happened to happen 5 times simultaneously when I opened those tabs. CloudFlare is hypersensitive and inconveniencing legitimate users, but in our business downtime can cause serious loss of earnings and reputation, so it is needed. It would indicate someone is frequently attacking our server though.
  12. GDK - Green Dragon Killing. You could also go to an unpopulated location and spam a fake gold site. These would go in your favour in a Macro Report Review thread.