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  1. The script will repetitively click on the monster its supposed to attack. Is this the way you meant for it to be?
  2. Withdraw bones>house tab>leave house in yanille>enter friends house in yanille>use bones on altar>telly via duelling> wash rinse repeat.
  3. The right clicking on obstacles does work, but there are issues with it misclicking on other objects around it.
  4. Bought all i need atm will update when i need more.
  5. 1450ea buying up to 15-20k at a time.
  6. reminds me of snorkeling in marathon key. Good times.
  7. Is there anyway to bank without having to use teleports. i just want it to run from fally east to cows. *facepalm* i got it
  8. Ok so i bought the method for 4m, which actually isnt to bad considering u can make decent money if you have the scripting knowledge or time to spend in the game. According to what i calculated u could make 250k+ an hour with the easier route or upwards of 600k+ depending on how good at scripting/clicking you are.
  9. Ill test it out. skype me. Edit. Deleted skype name.
  10. excellent buyer sold 20m+ worth of product.
  11. it gets stuck trying to loot when the inventory is full. it will just stand there and idle.