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  1. Following license(s); IntelliJ IDEA Has been sent to: moiz.frost ~ Happy Coding!
  2. I'll be doing a doing a giveaway of JetBRAINS products, if you don't already know what they do, feel free to check out their site; http://www.jetbrains.com/ Products include following different IDEs IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm PyCharm RubyMine WebStorm AppCode Just message me which IDE you'll be needing.
  3. I think their just hustling and gaining as long as possible. I mean, why not?
  4. Freaking hot brotha, sexy shit, great for training @ Ape Atoll. Possible add a prayer counter underneath the hp counter and it would be amazing.
  5. A little noticeable thing to fix: Sometimes the script hovers above the balloon for a little while before clicking it. Besides those things this script is absolutely perfect. Well done sir.
  6. F****** amazing script and mhdjml provides great support if you should have any questions, I can highly recommend spending your money on this script, in my opinion the price is way too low. (Sorry for swearing but I had to show my gratitude)
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