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  1. @Mork What would you recommend? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for a working wine grabber script for RS3, none of the ones that are currently available work so it would be great to get one! Does not need to be overly complicated, would be nice to have some sort of anti ban, possibly made for legacy mode, as I believe that it will be easier to get the bot to perform in "fixed mode" I will happily pay you some GP that I make from the script. I would have a go at making one myself but can't code. Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to Tribot. My plan is to start a bot farm. The sole reason I decided to purchase Tribot VIP was the fact that you can log all of your accounts in at once as stated on the hope page: AUTO STARTERDo you run a bot farm? With TRiBot's Auto Starter, you can boot up multiple clients with multiple scripts/tabs with the click of a button. Save time and use the Auto Starter instead of individually starting every bot in your farm. I have added all of my accounts to the system already but cant get the bot to load them all and log in. Has anyone had experience with this feature? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  4. Have we got an ETA? I know it has to be done and I am not complaining, I need to get my bot farm up and running. cheers guys!