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  1. i have 2 accounts i would like to use with this but i think ill wait til it works on looking glass before buying
  2. would it be possible to improve world hopping? i have my player set to maximum of 1 but when it runs away from dragon to hop it clicks on world to soon after combat and the bot thinks it's hopped but actually hasn't and runs back and fourth repeating this
  3. does this mean accounts from maybe 5 years ago aswell?
  4. yeah cant mine doesnt know i have full invent.
  5. what do i need to have in the invent cuz it just spammed clicked a tree for 20 minutes before i realised it doesn't take stuff from bank?
  6. Ok thanks for the information.
  7. so how do i do this correctly? is there a guide? everytime i try loading rs in a browser it prompts for download i can't figure out how to get around it then i could use like maxthon or something and use the proxy to load rs
  8. Hey so i had all my bots setup on looking glass all fine with osbuddy and was also using the built in proxy system and then i closed tribot by mistake and the accounts still stay logged in on osbuddy I closed them immediately after realising. So my question is are these accounts now compromised by this have they now seen my real ip? thanks in advance
  9. Cool pay for script and it still fucked up woke up to it logging in and out all night outside castle wars . Was using fire rune method. Please fix this issue my account spent 6 hours logging in and out. Not cool.
  10. looting is broken for me, i have manually entered all my drop id's that i want, when the i get a drop that it's supposed to loot, it stand there idling until it dissapears or if i click the loot myself then the bot carries on, not sure why it's doing this was working fine earlier.
  11. scriptloaders not working? how do i use my premium script...? wait now it's on repo... so i have to buy the script again? fuck that
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