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  1. It eats/guzzles the rock cake very slowly for me, getting hit before I get to 1hp
  2. The guy owns the site, of course he can unflag it. Same thing has just happened to me after changing locations once (no VPN. Had to move for work reasons), and no i'm not paying to exchange PP for bitcoin. We shouldn't have to pay extra for something that is not our fault / out of our control
  3. Hey, so I started using this bot for about an hour (no issues before hand, only brought it an hour ago) It logged off for 2 minutes and tried to get back on, it gave me the message my account is already logged in. It worked after a minute but only to find my account in lumbridge and all my valuable stuff / money gone. Anyone else been having issues? As I said before, I've had no issues with it before tribot and I don't download anything other than steam games on this pc. EDIT: hackers name is "MilJaden". he forgot to remove himself from my friends list if that changes anything
  4. Hey I got this bot just today and it brought stuff perfectly fine, im a little curious that it says "reloading null" instead of the item name. Will this mess up anything or is it still good to go? cheers!
  5. Any thoughts and what I should be flipping at 4m starting? P2P
  6. Hey I'm having the same problem as Acaius but mine doesn't download a zip file or anything. It was working yesterday now its just a blank page EDIT: working now. Don't know what happened