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  1. check my account please
  2. i mean im not doubting you or anything, just having a discussion about your opinion on it because it can be seen two ways
  3. i dont understand how updating the java version will help in preventing bans, don't normal players play on old java versions aswell? also how often do you change the hardware id? also if they can detect your hardware id, dont you think its pointless to use proxies since all the accounts are already traced to the same pc?
  4. with or without lg?
  5. he sells 99 mining accounts, i think its obvious lmao
  6. if u not using tribot u missing out
  7. ur not even vip
  8. more than half of my accounts survived 60+ hours of botting during the weekend
  9. use bitcoin son
  10. are u a wizard or sumthing?
  11. did u find the answer by searching that? i bet u didnt
  12. [16:50:13] Error: Negative file size for archive 6. A972514 B853637 C1 D29719 E29718 F10 G-8 im trying to run a script and client is just spamming that error
  13. how much gold that cost u
  14. are you happy now?
  15. i guess i have