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  1. have 6 questions due on thursday class is life in the universe, here is one of the questions as an example. paying in paypal $$ https://gyazo.com/aba02d3d6c51247c8e7ed2047d08b5b7
  2. ericcc1029

    Bot during day time?

    if youre so afraid of losing your account, wouldnt the answer be obvious?
  3. ericcc1029

    Bot during day time?

  4. ericcc1029


    how can it predict hits? isnt it all random
  5. ericcc1029

    A reminder about private scripts

    would it be possible to get a refund for a private script that was sold to someone else other than me on the repo? i have 2 private scripts that currently have 3 users
  6. ericcc1029

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    bug that stops the script, happens very often. I contacted scripter and he said it was tribot not his script there are also other scripts people are complaining about the same thing https://gyazo.com/469e8e7e9310662b92d5191b19a072d9 script: aminer
  7. ericcc1029

    scripts stopping for no reason?

    @Butta idk about him but i get this error on 50% of my clients overnight. https://gyazo.com/469e8e7e9310662b92d5191b19a072d9 dont know how to copypaste from dedi server sorry
  8. hello i have 10 membership codes from twitch prime to sell for 1.2m ea

  9. ericcc1029

    PC BUILD FOR A 20-30 account farm???

    wow thats cool, thanks man
  10. ericcc1029

    PC BUILD FOR A 20-30 account farm???

    so the vm uses your computer's hardware to run the bots but not on the actual desktop so you can play games on it too?
  11. ericcc1029

    PC BUILD FOR A 20-30 account farm???

    i dont get it, you have a physical computer just for botting, but thats a VM?
  12. ericcc1029

    PC BUILD FOR A 20-30 account farm???

    are you using vnc viewer to view a pc that is in your house?
  13. ericcc1029

    Downtime and Compensation

    check my account please
  14. ericcc1029

    SwagSplasher - An AFK splashing script

    with or without lg?
  15. ericcc1029


    use bitcoin son