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  1. Need a Zulrah kill

    Just bring your best range and mage gear and learn the prayer switches and you'll be fine. If you attempt it like 5 times, you're surely to kill it once
  2. hes a cunt, it probably was him behind the corp glitch as the fucker scams his viewers
  3. i dont need to explain anything to you. Think what you like, do i care? The answer is no.
  4. Lets just remove me from the whole situation and you guys give your opinions to Lewis. Thanks.
  5. I deleted my video, this is the same video but re uploaded i guess as i deleted mine I know, everyone does and personal issues. Dont wanna talk about it but its good that you reuploaded!
  6. PM the script writer as it's most likely a problem with the script and not Tribot
  7. TRiBot

  8. TRiBot

    how to get that?
  9. The Deadman CC --- LifeMan CC

  10. script starting and ending

    Ask the owner of the script, probably a problem with the script not Tribot itself
  11. Achieved max pure from scratch :D

    nice m8
  12. Bot not clicking on run properly.

    Just message the person who owns the script with the bug you've found so they can fix it ASAP