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  1. PM the script writer as it's most likely a problem with the script and not Tribot
  2. BotRugJoe

    script starting and ending

    Ask the owner of the script, probably a problem with the script not Tribot itself
  3. BotRugJoe

    Bot not clicking on run properly.

    Just message the person who owns the script with the bug you've found so they can fix it ASAP
  4. BotRugJoe

    mute's rock crab trouble

  5. BotRugJoe

    [P] Looking to buy 2 private scripts

    What? I'm not paying for anything
  6. BotRugJoe

    Has anyone retained a long-term botting account?

    shots fired pew pew pow pow
  7. BotRugJoe


    thats cuz rs3 is shit
  8. BotRugJoe

    [R/P] Motherlode mine

    free version aka shit version
  9. BotRugJoe

    White berries script?

    wanna share the script?
  10. BotRugJoe

    [P] Looking to buy 2 private scripts

  11. BotRugJoe

    [P] Need a script made for me

    May you explain to me why you don't just use a normal flax script? Don't they just work fine + they're free, right ?
  12. BotRugJoe

    Clan Chat Spammer

  13. BotRugJoe

    White berries script?

    yeh i guess
  14. BotRugJoe

    White berries script?

    you dont need law runes - you can just pick them up.
  15. BotRugJoe

    White berries script?

    So maybe it can go get a looting bag back, i dont know, i'm just asking if anyone is thinking about making this bot, thats all man