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  1. Going to be using this for 70 cooking for RFD. Just started the script and I'm hyped Edit: Got stuck on a levelup, clicked to continue and it was fine. It misclicks when withdrawing food from the bank over and over though.
  2. The script is running EXTREMELY SLOW for me, in the past 10 minutes it has made 2 buy offers, and hasn't even collected one of them yet even though they both completed. Edit: I'd like a refund for this script, how do I go about getting that? I'm currently getting 6k per hour profit with the same settings that used to get me 75k per hour, which still isn't nearly what the script promises. Also, since I'm somebody who isn't a gold farmer and just wants to bot one account 6-12 hours a day, 5-75k profit per hour for $20 a month seems insane.
  3. I bought it and am using it, it feels like a waste of $20 running it on one account though, when I could've just bought 20m. That's quite the rare success story I'll try it out.
  4. Just bought this Can anybody tell me their settings or good items to add? I'm just using the default ones atm. Edit: Makes a few offers, then logs out for a few minutes. Gets stuck logging back in. (Looking Glass) Edit2: Does one step then gets stuck, whether that step is making an offer or logging in or opening the GE. (Not Looking Glass) Edit3: Restarted TriBot and ran with looking glass and it seems to be working fine, has been 9 minutes now.
  5. I used to bot heavily in 2013 before OSRS was released, and I now want to get back into it. I made an OSRS account recently, but the mid levels are far too grindy for me and I simply don't have time, so I want to bot recreationaly. So can someone please fill me in with everything I need to know to bot now? I've heard that it is hard not to get banned and there's something called looking glass out, but I have no idea what it is. Thanks. Also, what skills are safe to bot? I don't need to bot money making, just skills. I figure bank standing ones are ok?
  6. Looks nice, may have to purchase. Thanks!
  7. What is looking glass?
  8. Been hosting for 30 mins+ with no trades, tried w320 and w351 with no luck. Spam is "Selling Demon 20k - (name)" Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Have you ever mistakenly logged onto one of the accounts without a proxy? Also, you should bot many different methods when bot farming to avoid getting completely wiped out.
  10. Day two updated.
  11. Just posted a new topic in help, will you two experienced members give it a look? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/55246-proxyvps-help/