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  1. @erickho123 When opening a shop when a random appears it tries clicking the random when the shop screen is open. So it will get stuck, dont know if its with al the randoms.
  2. Great tutorials im tryinh to learn java cant wait to start scripting with ur tutorials
  3. Does not bank at all locations training at ghouls thats not far away from the bank. But says banking proces started then sits there en logs out
  4. Hello people. I got 10 hours uptime with my 2 bots but the lagg gets worse ervery minute. Do you have any tips for my on how to clean the memory etc ? Thanks
  5. oke thanks for telling me, but everywhere on the web i can only buy 10 at a time My proxies aren't saving after I enter them.
  6. Hey just bought premium where can i find a proxy to use ?
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