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  1. Not working for me... is this the correct java http://prntscr.com/pakqgt
  2. This tribot staff on LSD ? why did u give me just normal vip why the fck would i use that give me VIP-E like i paid for ? or vip-e comes later ?
  3. Best script that I ever used were getting 215k xp per hour A++ But yesterday after 5hours+ session started to randomly puting warrior guilds tokens out and in the bank repeatedly, so I just restarted the script and worked fine after
  4. Any approx. date that LG could be fixed would be nice tho
  5. wtf are u talkin about ?
  6. http://prntscr.com/nrwqwu Bot stopped was using custom runelite client from tri bot via LG @Worthy
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