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  1. I am currently having the same issue.
  2. I'm looking for a decent amount of virtual machines that aren't going to cost an arm and and leg. Does anyone know where to find these? Am I overlooking something in the forums about them? Thanks in advance!
  3. Turilli


    This script needs to be back upppppp.
  4. If that's the case, that'll be sweet. I wont need NMZ more than a month though.
  5. Dang, so the only way to do this would be to get another account with VIP-E (using looking glass) and purchasing it again on there?
  6. Hey fellas, if I buy another instance, can I authorize 3 more accounts to use, to bump my total up to 6 accounts?
  7. Am I dumb, or can I not figure out how to change what attack style I want it to do? edit: I'm dumb.
  8. Turilli

    Looking for Scripter

    I'll share my complete plan once I have it in complete motion Looking at all different scripters and checking my options first!
  9. Turilli

    Looking for Scripter

    Looking for someone to do a combat related script. I would be more than happy to explain more for what I'm looking for with someone who has experience in making scripts for Combat Leveling. edit: more on the moneymaking/boss killing side of things Request : Boss Killing Description : would like to discuss with the scripter on my best options Payment Amount : 1 - a few hundred dollars give or take. Time : need completed in two months
  10. Turilli

    Accounts Being Hacked?

    It really didn't Mr. Lizzerd man
  11. Turilli

    Accounts Being Hacked?

    No it did not. Lol
  12. Turilli

    Accounts Being Hacked?

    If you weren't illiterate, you would of read my previous posts about stating my issue and seeing if anyone else has had this issue and attempting to find an answer to it. Literacy just clearly isn't your strong-suit.
  13. Turilli

    Accounts Being Hacked?

    Okay Mr. Keyboard Warrior lol. Thanks for your absolutely worthless comments to get your post count up. Move on.
  14. Turilli

    Accounts Being Hacked?

    I'm simply here stating my frustration with it all and seeing if anyone else has had the same issue recently. I'm happy for ya bud that you're able to do that, by all means.