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  1. I Can make these very fast, im usually online 15 Hours a day so you can pretty much contact me all the time I Will be charging 250k per tutorial island account and will do them all legit, we all know this recudes the ban rates when botting so are worth using for bot farms if you dont have the time to do them your self. I will reduce my prices if you buy more, below the prices are set. 5+ Accounts 225k Each 10+ Accounts 210k Each 15+ Accounts 200k each Skype - benosborne123
  2. [TUTORIAL] How To Delete Hooks.dat

    Thanks have had this problem quite often over the last 6 months.
  3. Paid VIP, no VIP scripts... Wut?

    I Noticed this too, its a shame really as some VIP Script would help, they dont have to be really complicated ones, just some simple scripts for free that not everyone has access to, reducing the number of ppl usin them also recudes the ban rates u experience with the scripts.
  4. How come all fishing scripts lagg like mad

    i have this problem too, its quite strange really considering fishing is a skill where u do absoloutely nothing.
  5. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Great update, revolutionary to botting Remember u saw it at tri-bot too
  6. Reducing CPU and Memory Usage

    Thanks, helped me as i have a slow computer.
  7. How To: View Your Remaining Days of VIP & VIP Extended

    I Did wonder how to do this. thanks
  8. [Mac] How To: Resolve Most Problems With TRiBot [Pics]

    Helped me with a couple of things thanks.
  9. TRiBot Release 9.300_0 [ABC2]

    What a great update, thanks tri
  10. Black Market Updates

    i cant see any place for account sales, do i need more posts?
  11. Client not recognising VIP

    Had same problem, seemed to fix after a while without doing anything.
  12. xSpinner [Free]

    Trying now will post feedback
  13. Love this script, never banned at all wen used, better than premium ones i have used in past, But it could do the island a little quicker than it currently does
  14. No Java runtime present error. HELP!

    What version of java are u using?
  15. [PAID] Few quests

    What price are you looking to pay for these
  16. Any tips for not getting banned

    bot sensible hours, you was obv botting way too much at a time, use good breaks inbetween sessions and try to bot outside jagex hours, use good scripts too try not to use free ones as they are more likely to get you banned most of the time
  17. Black Market Updates

    MM's are very important imo, especially when trading with unkown low level posters who just joined forums.
  18. 6 days i have had this script for and my results below.... loving it http://erickscripting.com/exnightmarezone/signatures/users/benosborne.png
  19. Well holy shit... i've never seen a script like it the results ive got in the space of like 5 days is totally unique, i wouldnt of been able to do even a quater of the work with another script without getting banned... totally amazing how well it works, thanks so much eric!
  20. I usually play runescape through maxthon with a proxy but accidently used firefox without a proxy, but before i logged in i made sure looking glass was attached to the runescape.com client before i logged in so, will this mean that they know my orgiginal ip address or would tribot of used the proxy i added when i started up the bot to mask my ip, i remember reading something somewhere saying that tri-bot runs the proxy information through the client its attached to but am not 100% sure of this, would be nice if someone could tell me
  21. Made a mistake, will i get banned now ? :(

    @Dukat i set the proxy before i launched the bot, when u click tri bot it comes up with the option to set proxy when launching the bot, i done it there Edit : @Acidtripz , some people know about these things on here, you dont have to be jagex to know what happens with everything to do with the game
  22. Made a mistake, will i get banned now ? :(

    My ip is flagged, thats why im using a proxy thats what im worried about, if my ip was shown im fked i guess as its a botting acc
  23. So how long would this have been effecting people, because i joined TRI-BOT around 2 weeks ago and none of my accounts lasted longer than 3 days, even the legit ones, so this would have been the reason to my accounts being banned ever since i have joined?
  24. I Use other clients and found that was having the same problem with the other clients And guys can someone please explain to me what the Runemate scandal was?