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  1. benosborne

    [TUTORIAL] How To Delete Hooks.dat

    Thanks have had this problem quite often over the last 6 months.
  2. benosborne

    Paid VIP, no VIP scripts... Wut?

    I Noticed this too, its a shame really as some VIP Script would help, they dont have to be really complicated ones, just some simple scripts for free that not everyone has access to, reducing the number of ppl usin them also recudes the ban rates u experience with the scripts.
  3. benosborne

    How come all fishing scripts lagg like mad

    i have this problem too, its quite strange really considering fishing is a skill where u do absoloutely nothing.
  4. benosborne

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Great update, revolutionary to botting Remember u saw it at tri-bot too
  5. benosborne

    Reducing CPU and Memory Usage

    Thanks, helped me as i have a slow computer.
  6. benosborne

    How To: View Your Remaining Days of VIP & VIP Extended

    I Did wonder how to do this. thanks
  7. benosborne

    [Mac] How To: Resolve Most Problems With TRiBot [Pics]

    Helped me with a couple of things thanks.
  8. benosborne

    TRiBot Release 9.300_0 [ABC2]

    What a great update, thanks tri
  9. benosborne

    Black Market Updates

    i cant see any place for account sales, do i need more posts?
  10. benosborne

    Client not recognising VIP

    Had same problem, seemed to fix after a while without doing anything.
  11. benosborne

    xSpinner [Free]

    Trying now will post feedback
  12. Love this script, never banned at all wen used, better than premium ones i have used in past, But it could do the island a little quicker than it currently does
  13. benosborne

    No Java runtime present error. HELP!

    What version of java are u using?
  14. benosborne

    Black Market Updates

    MM's are very important imo, especially when trading with unkown low level posters who just joined forums.