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  1. @mattmn011 The issue should now be resolved. The code is being reviewed on the repository right now. The issue was from when I switched my website over from http to https, the old images that needed to be downloaded were no longer accessible. Let me know if you're still getting issues.
  2. @mattmn011I will take a look after work today. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Added support for The Restless Ghost. Currently pending on repo; will be up soon.
  4. Anything specific? I've ran the sheep shearer quest many times without issues.
  5. Update: During tutorial island, the bot will now randomly click the Design and Colour buttons in the character creation window. The bot will now also click the "I cant reach that" message, if it happens to pop up. I also removed a lot of uses of DPathNavigator and replaced them with Dax's webwalker for more stable walking results.
  6. There's lots of doors in Runescape. Can you be more specific please?
  7. This method is still more convenient, @wastedbro. This actually is a rather simple way to approach this. Sure a database would be better for larger applications, but I only need it to quickly recall Item Names via auto-complete in my code editor. It works fine now
  8. Beats having to remember item IDs or Item Names with exact spelling. Totally worth the extra ~ 5MB of ram added.
  9. I've managed to create a fix for this. The issue was one single class containing too many bytes of bytecode upon compiling. This limit changes depending on the specs of the system; i.e. it worked on my computer but not Tribots repo. What I did was replace the Enum values with public static final objects. Then I split the 1000+ enums into multiple class files, where they all extend eachother sequentially. To reference, I use the last class file, and through polymorphism I can still reference every value. Pretty hacky but it works I guess!
  10. Should be fixed now. One of the Enums I was using wasn't compiling when runnning from the repo only. It compiles now. I've successfully ran 10 accounts through tutorial island and up to 7 qp.
  11. That was added after-the-fact as a test. The problem exists both with and without it.
  12. It's really nothing out of the ordinary; the code runs fine locally. This is quite an odd bug. Pastebin doesn't seem to be working right now, so here's some weird ghetto alternative... ItemNames.java NamGenerator.java The goal of this code is to generate a fun random name using runescape item names. I'm using this enum, since it's what I use in a lot of my scripts for simple item recalling. [EDIT] Upon further inspection, it seems that my ItemNames class isn't able to be referenced by my scripts only in the repo. Could anyone explain why that is? Still works fine locally. Same error as before if I reference an individual enum value. I was mistaken.
  13. Line 45 reads all values from an enum: names.addAll(generateStrings(ItemNames.values())); ItemNames is an enum that contains exactly that: Item names and their corresponding runescape IDs. This works fine locally, just not on the repo. [EDIT] To clarify, it seems to be only when using the values method. If I reference the enums individually nothing errors.
  14. I made a quester script here: It works on my computer locally. When I run it through the repo it turns on, but when I click my internal start button I am met with this error: [14:25:12] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scripts/util/names/ItemNames [14:25:12] at scripts.util.names.NameGenerator.E(NameGenerator.java:45) [14:25:12] at scripts.util.names.NameGenerator.E(NameGenerator.java:21) [14:25:12] at scripts.f2pquester.quests.b.l(TutorialIsland.java:88) [14:25:12] at scripts.f2pquester.quests.b.F(TutorialIsland.java:124) [14:25:12] at scripts.f2pquester.e.E(Quest.java:111) This shouldn't happen, as ItemNames is a class that I am sure is included with the code in the repo.
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