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Everything posted by bonkie

  1. Hey man yeah i noticed that later my bad. Anyway so i did some testing tried deleting tribot/random.dat etc. But whenever i turn it on it seems like it wont accept duels no matter what and the paint will stay on Waiting for duel. -So i went on my other account to test it out to make sure it had worse stats than the staker so it had to accept the duel. https://gyazo.com/a3367566f40fd2001d8dc43eaa42d65c
  2. Script doesnt get past start-up no matter what settings.
  3. Is there anyway to actually make the script go banking? Always seems to log off after a trip with new pots in inv.
  4. What about prayer support? Could speed up the GP/HR alot if its able to use piety. Could also recharge prayer at the alter on the way there.
  5. Died second time pretty sure its due to taking breaks.
  6. Not including the trial, this was my first trip with this script. https://gyazo.com/9edddba773bf438d6546d652edf9ba6e
  7. bonkie

    Downtime and Compensation

    I never got ANY of my scripts extended.
  8. bonkie

    Downtime and Compensation

    How do you know if you received the compensation? Doesn't look like anything changed for me.
  9. Why doesnt it have food support for cosmic altar? Using high level agility shortcut when im around 9hp~ it walks the long way.
  10. Deathwalk for abyss would be nice Other than that sick script would post proggys but it doesnt seem to have paint.
  11. After running the script for a longer time it will start to use less GE slots. I checked my VPS and it was using 2 ge slots instead of 8 and this wasnt due to the GE limit. Am i the only 1 with this problem or do other people have this aswell?
  12. Testing this out will post proggy soon.
  13. Any update on this? Bot doesnt bank after teleporting from POH stands still on the same spot. https://gyazo.com/4a830e9cc3613b160a67e9ad3abad56f