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Posts posted by bonkie

  1. 23 hours ago, Assume said:

    Startup can take a few minutes as it has to load in the IDs for every item in the game. Just be patient.

    Hey man yeah i noticed that later my bad.

    Anyway so i did some testing tried deleting tribot/random.dat etc.

    But whenever i turn it on it seems like it wont accept duels no matter what and the paint will stay on Waiting for duel.


    -So i went on my other account to test it out to make sure it had worse stats than the staker so it had to accept the duel.



  2. Been using vps's to bot but i feel like there just to slow and is making my goldfarm run half as fast as it can.

    Would using a dedicated server to run my farm work better for more efficienty in-game?


    And also what specs should i get for around 6 Looking-glass bots.



  3. On 15-10-2016 at 0:44 AM, JoeDezzy1 said:

    It has ABC2 already however I am working on a whole new revamp as we speak. Should be released within the week. Sorry for the delay on responses guys school is really catching up

    Any update on this?

    Bot doesnt bank after teleporting from POH stands still on the same spot.


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