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  1. Red Chins works fine until it accidentally attacks a chin and chases it away from the traps and does not return.
  2. what is a good item to alch to lose as little money as possible?
  3. Is the bug where it drops all the empty waterskins and just sits at the fountain fixed?
  4. Spending 2 hours looking for a world without at least 3 other people in it. -Priceless Edit: Just found an amazing way to get rid of the gold farmers. Bring an axe and every now and then cut some jungle trees. Once they start to crash, just light them in their trap squares and watch them run far away
  5. I don't want to be one of those kids that crashes but I've been searching for an empty world for a half an hour
  6. Two words. Giant Spiders. Ghouls are not the last good training spot. Nuff said.
  7. This script works great except it breaks when you get the swarm random. It thinks that the swarm is a strange plant and will spam it, and when you manually make it run away, the script will crash. I looked on the random event thread and it says that the swarm must be handled by the script. Here are the randoms that are script sided: http://gyazo.com/1c1aa7f27c1d03581ba8ee655d5b2949
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