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  1. looking for someone who will make me an fully working wilderness collecting script which will not only picking up items and than bank them but also will scan if anyone has died, when he died, where he died and after items will appear on the floor after the dead stay on the loot and collect it.
  2. go to ditch and say player died wait xxx second, than walk in wildy, but there is nothing, emanwwhile i saw many items like rune knives, arrows and even gmaul etc, i had it ran for like 1 hour and it didnt loot any item, whats wrong?
  3. Also looking for script like that, for example scanning where players died and when items are preparedto appear go to the place and loot items, meanwhile looring somewhere else, would pay also for that
  4. I contacted yohoo no answer and Im not buying for 07 gp i want buy normaly fair 1point for 1 dolar nothing more...
  5. I really want some help with that because not going to overpay, rather will use other bots than tribot but tribot seems to be good, as i said i will never ovepay for something i didnt even do, its your fault not miny that the payment methods are blocked for me!
  6. any tips for their names, cant find any support.
  7. my paypall account is already verified and still not working
  8. Okay so i tryed to buy a few credits for script, i cant because of Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. This happened me a few months ago when i wanted purchase over 40 points, i could not do that so i didn't, Now i want just 10 or 20 credits, thought you fixed this problem but not, i can buy anything which means I cant use your bot, which means I will pay to other bot sites for scripts, it is shame but you probably dont want my money so what i can do... I was offered to buy credits from someone called yohojo, 1 point for 1,5 dolars means 50% overpay, no thanks, not going to overpaying for credits only because you cant fix the problem, tryed make another account and has the same problem, thats mean bye.
  9. yes i was but still had to overpay 10 dolars which is not good for me, i got verified paypall already, but maxumim amout iam able to overpay is 5 dolars.
  10. I wanted to buy 40 poiants, they told me it cost 1,5 dolar per point which is 20 dolars more than usual, really no thanks for these services...
  11. so can anyone help me or not??
  12. no, still same country
  13. hmm ok, thanks but still got the same problem...
  14. When i try to buy credits, this pop up - Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. I saw there topic of this but please can anyone tell me how to fix that, only two payment methods are possible for me - pay pall and credit card.. I didnt found how to pay throught pay pall but with credit card its not working, I want to buy some script but I probably wont because of this. Thanks for help
  15. Can i ask what, in other scripts I should disable debug..