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  1. Couple of things/bugs found lately. sometimes even tough i entered the name of a person and he's still up the script will end saying no open altar found(after running same guy couple times) Another thing that looked really stupid(was watching) was when there was a guy outside spamming open altar and the bot ask at if there's any host. My longest run is 3 hours without it ending, usually around 1-2 hours ish before i have to restart.
  2. I just retried it, not sure why but it works now, same setting and everything. Strange but atleast it's working
  3. Still not working it seems, after entering house portal it just run on the outskirt of the map in other peoples houses. Doesn't seem to run back to bank either
  4. Doesnt seem to work at all at the moment. Not able to click on portal nor run to bank
  5. Appreciate it. thought it was up again as it was up for sale as far as i could see... And keep up the good work Btw why does it keep deleting task in the farming setup? I have the buckets and it will take get the compost but it doesn't put anything in compost bin (put up the items) and instead just delete the task.
  6. Seems to be some problems with filling compost bins. script just delete the task when it needs to fill. After some more testing it also seems to delete other task now and then from the farming run setup. it also bugs out when it tries to get compost bucket from the leprechaun
  7. does it work at all? trying to loot anything, it just runs around. can't detect npcs or stalls in custom script either.....
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