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  1. this is against the rules @YoHoJo
  2. https://gyazo.com/9ae480feab84271e5bacea8d643c506a
  3. thanks
  4. Will update later, going to work now
  5. not yet
  6. around 100k an hour I'd say. Thanks
  7. Accounts banned: 2 Accounts Alive: 0 Botting 24/7 - No breaks. I'm not using looking glass. I'm using a private socks5 proxy. I'm using a private script. I'm botting maple long bows, if theres anything more profitable let me know by commenting or pming, please. The last thread I made (mining thread) I said I tried something to bypass the bans: It did not work. Therefor I'm re-trying it. Day 1: sadly no pictures as I decided to start the botting series today Day 2: sadly no pictures as I decided to start the botting series today Day 3: sadly no pictures as I decided to start the botting series today Day 4: Botting maple longbows. Day 5: banned
  8. @ I used tau's paid version. The free version by TacoManStan only allows you to have mithril.
  9. I'll do fletching.
  10. I'm asking why it ends up at edgeville or varrock west bank when I start my bot at Grand Exchange, and I know for a fact Grand Exchange bank is way closer then Edge or V West bank.
  11. How does the booth banker work exactly? I use it for a private fletcher at G.E to get closest bank and sometimes it ends up in Edgeville or Varrock west bank which really fucks my mind up. I dont know how it gets there i'm gonna be honest. Because I'm always there when I re enable my graphics. Please help
  12. Scroll down, and click the button. It will make it so much nicer. You can acutally see latest posts - and like you do on any normal browser.
  13. thanks man
  14. please change back ur profile picture, i dont like the new one